Velvet tonka

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When worn on the skin, it coats it like an oriental delicacy dusted with icing sugar.

Velvet Tonka is characterized by its trilogy of tonka bean, orange blossom and almond. The balmy tonka bean is adorned with almonds and rose petals for a velvety touch, and with a hint of tobacco absolute to give it a honeyed feel. Velvet Tonka is a tribute to the Moroccan origins of founder David Benedek and to the iconography associated with the region through its flavors and its landscapes, like a sweet, indulgent breeze coming straight from the Atlas Mountains.


Eau de Parfum

Top notes: orange blossom, almond

Heart notes: rose absolute, tobacco absolute from the Balkans

Bottom notes: tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute from Madagascar, amyris wood essence, amber woods