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The essence of seduction in a drop of fatal perfume.

This fragrance opens with a suave bouquet of flowers of hypnotic and persuasive power. The reassuring seduction of jasmine, sways in a dance of love with the opulence of carnation, and the delicate, regal touch of orchid and saffron. The heart, in counterpoint, reveals its penetrating and cutting strength, emphasized by Grey Amber and softened by the sweetness of Vanilla Berries and the effervescence of Musk Rose. The creation has its intertwining roots in the strength of precious woods, Red Patchouli and African Ebony, interwoven with refined Oak Moss and aphrodisiac Musk.


Extrait de Parfum

Top notes: jasmine, orchid, carnation, saffron

Heart notes: amber grey, vanilla bean, rose musk

Bottom notes: oakmoss, red patchouli, ebony, musk