Tiziana Terenzi

Laudano Nero

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The mythical Paris during a rainy autumn day.

The magical atmosphere is steeped in precious scents that echo this timeless place: an unusual explosion of absinthe-like camphor, a swell of rich labdanum and cognac, a strong vein of precious woods. Unobtainable resins reflect off the smell of slate and laurel, of wet road and smoky fire. Comforting, bohemian, beautiful: Laudano Nero is Paris in a bottle.


Extrait de Parfum

Top notes: cognac, tobacco, amber, wormwood, myrtle, rosemary

Heart notes: ash, black locust honey, cedar, slate, sandalwood, rosemary, iris, red rose

Bottom notes: incense, agarwood, labdanum, oak, camphor, laurels, vanilla, cashmere musk, vetiver