Etat libre d'Orange

Dangerous complicity

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This is the scent of skin on skin — or should that be sin on skin? — intimate and sexy, edgy but smooth as a swans-down powder puff.

The apricot, tea and violet facets of the tiny osmanthus blossom morph into delicate suede. The coconut-white petals of jasmine betray a whiff of the Beast lurking within the Beauty. The tropical lushness of ylang-ylang conjures salty, sun-kissed skin. The smoky creaminess of sandalwood hints at secret musky places in the chocolate-dark undergrowth of patchouli.


Eau de Parfum

Top notes: rhum, ginger, alcohol 

Heart notes: osmanthus, jasmine, ylang-ylang 

Bottom notes: lorenox, patchouli, sandalwood