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Land of light.

A scent of wild and lush nature, both sweet and warm, emphasised by the intense smell of melted caramel that comes from small camps at the foot of the mountain. The fragrance reverberates in the air and is reflected in the blue of the sea, passing by the ruins of the ancient lighthouse at Cape Gelidonya. The tensions and attractions of fire and water have been captured in a perfume extrait made from rare and precious natural raw materials. Naturally beautiful, supernaturally intense, Chimaera is a fragrance you won't soon forget.


Extrait de Parfum

Top notes: leather, tolu balsam, saffron, black pepper, soil tincture, bay leaf, lemon, thyme

Heart notes: honey, red pepper, carnation, iris, sage, peony, magnolia

Bottom notes: agarwood, tobacco, caramel, leather, benzoin, pine tree, Canadian balsam, patchouli, labdanum, cashmere